Scrounger RC-2 Crankbaits: Designed by Rick Clunn Rick_Clunn Tommy Sanders interviews Bobby Dennis
  • 45 Years of Quality

    Luck-E-Strike has been a mainstay in the fishing industry for more than 45 years, producing a variety of soft-plastic lures that have filled tackle boxes all over the world. Many of those creations have become well-known standards like the Guido Bug, Ring Worm, French Fry and Guido tubes, just to name a few.

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  • More Selection

    This year Luck-E - Strike definitely became more than a blip on everyone’s radar with the purchase of the Scrounger label as well as Nemire Lures and Chesapeake Tackle.

    This expansion continued with the creation of the Luck-E-Strike RC2 line of crankbaits and will soon grow with the American Original lines of hard baits.
  • RC2 Crankbaits

    The Luck-E-Strike RC2 line of crankbaits, designed by fishing legend Rick Clunn, will be expanded to include four new dimensions of square bill crankbaits, a suspending jerkbait and two deep divers.
  • American Originals

    Luck-E-Strike is expanding its presence in the crankbait market with the creation of American Originals Lures. This line will be 100 percent produced, down to the smallest component, in the United States. American Originals will be made of original plastics and manufacturing methods that have been lost up until now by overseas production. The American Original line of lures will retail for under $5.